‘One Billion In 2015’, the Annual Meeting of 2014 Inno-vision Automobile Division

On February 3rd 2015, the grand annual meeting of 2014 inno-vision automobile division was held in Guangzhou.


At that day, there were 1091 staffs of the automobile division gathering in Yangcheng. Inno-vision’s chairman and CEO were both live to share the big party of this year.

The topic of the annual meeting was ‘One Billion in 2015’. It was a vow which aimed to break through 1 billion turnover in 2015. That day, the meeting was all around this topic. The resplendent and magnificent assembly field and the "I want to grab a red envelope"  activity were both showing inno-vision’s innovation.

The meeting was began by Dalton Liang, the chairman of inno-vision. Dalton set a clear actionable goal of inno-vision’s development. After that, Kevin Huang who was the CEO of inno-vision shared the solutions of the BTL marketing with everyone.


Clients’ brief is the basis. Lead the marketing’s innovation. These are what inno-vision marketing always practices.

At the meeting, Longli Zhang, the general manager of inno-vision’s automobile division, reviewed every move moments and anxious moments with all the partners. Those moments and real cases showed everyone that union was strength. All the inno-vators were untied till they worked all over the country. 

At the annual meeting, near 100 excellent inno-vators had been cited because of their perseverance  and achievements.


Inno-vision developed with inno-vators’ efforts and dedication. In the future, inno-vision will always be such a enterprise that makes every staff happy to work and quick to develop. Enterprise becomes bigger and stronger because of the bigger and stronger of the staffs.


The 2014 annual meeting of inno-vision’s automobile division was over satisfactorily.  And he fighting of 2015 was on the way.


Keep innocent and passionate! Inno-vision will lead the automobile to keep moving and create a more brilliant performance. We believed that future was coming for us!

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